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>> the total number of hostages is unclear, a senior official says united states citizens were taken, as well, into activity. >> in order to protect their safety i will not get into numbers or films. >> 20 militants approached the oil workers armed and driving in three unmarked vehicles. the workers were on a bus headed to an airport. fighting erupted between the workers and the militants and one phone worker was killed and others wounded. the terrorist then headed to the compound where the gas refinery workers live along with the americans, the mill -- militanted kid named french and japanese and other workers. they are linked to a series of kidnapping of foreign nationals for ransom in north africa. this was in retaliation for the french led investigation in mali trying to stop al qaeda group from taking over the nation. >> officials believe the attack was too well organized to have been plans after the french invasion. reporting live in washington for abc7 news. >> there is a long history with france and algeria and in north africa. >> guess what? another "spare the air" tod
chief who now heads on to piedmont police force. >> the flu is now wide-spread in the united states and still increasing in california. many hospitals are overwhelmed. the vaccine is harder to come by and schools are starting to close. now live from washington, dc, with the latest. >> good morning, kristen, this is the fierce of the outbreaks in years across the country, hospitals are overwhelmed and farm sits are having a hard time keeping up with drug orders. >> from coast to coast americans are waging a losing battle against the nasty flu strain. doctors overrun with patients are running low on flu shots and tests as the virus spreads. >> we are all overwhelmed, not only the practitioners but the caregivers in general. >> 128 million vaccine doses have been distributed nationwide but clinics can not keep up with the demand and pharmacists are struggling to fill prescriptions. >> we get 24 boxes of the capsules but 40 or 50 prescriptions each day. >> at a hospital in boston, it is all hands on deck in the fight against the flu. >> it will take you 2 or 3 weeks to feel good again.
exposure in the united states. lt. governor's friday night show on current tv is going off the air and moving in another direction. >> an amazing video, a boater came to the rescue when another boat caught on fire. two men doused flames with a spray from their speedboat on a remote lake in new zealand. it took fire trucks 25 minutes to get there and the technique used to put out the fire was "ingenious." >> you work with the tools you have. >> creative thinking gets the job done. >> maybe the fire department ought to use that. officially. >> as a technique? >> everyone should be on speedboat the. >> a reason to buy a speedboat. >> no one would complain. >> and we need what type of music for that? >> music from "indiana jones." >> now the weather advice. coming up on 5:18. and down from the east hills bay camera, look how calm the bay waters are. you can see reflections of the eastern span of the bay bridge. the live doppler h.d. shows at 5:18 and it is dry. now, something serious shows santa rosa, 1.75 mile visibility. look at temperature: 28 degrees. there could be black ice on t
is fighting for her life in a hospital burn unit while san francisco police hunt for the man accused of setting her on fire. amy is live at st. francis hospital with the latest. amy? >> her family tells us she is here in critical condition with burns to her face. witnesses say the 25-year-old starr lamare was on fire. she was screaming and running through the streets of the bayview yesterday afternoon and she saw her rip her burning sweater off of her as she was running for help. her family says she got in a fight with her boyfriend at laundromat about the haunt dry. she called him a name and he said don't call me that. she did it again and he tripped her and she said he had to get out, it was over, she left and 10 minutes later she was burned. >> police say the 22-year-old dexter oliver poured gasoline on to starr lamare and set her on fire. they are still looking for him. necessity say he has a lightening beaumont design shaved on one side of his head and a fish on the other side of his hold. they need help finding him. if you have clues give police a call. they will charge him wit
phone. the suspect was arrested yesterday and the victim suffered over bumps and bruises. >> united is trying to raise ticket prices for the second time this year. yesterday united announced they are raising fares up to $10 each way saying this has nothing to do with the grounding of the dreamliner jets. they own six dreamliners. first attempt was january 3 they raised fares $5 but other carriers did not follow suit so they brought their fares back down. >> if you plan to buy a gift card watch out this is warning on fees, and stealing money from the crowds. the sheriff says that gift card fraud is rising, with thieving scanning the bar code and creating a duplicate. when you load the card with money, they use their card or their account to buy merchandise. it has happened three times at safe way. a tip officer 7 on your side, avoid theft by purchasing cards that are sealed in a package and do not have an exposed bar code. >> the first of hundreds of lawsuits involving death and injury from sudden acceleration in toyota cars has been settled. the case involved a couple killed when th
it to continue to pursue the complain. >> the private delegation from the united states visiting north korea on a humanitarian mission outlined unofficial business including google executive chairman led by former new mexico governor bill richardson with no official recognition by the up you but that is not stopping richarson from discussing military and humanitarian issues. >> the delegation has had three messages: first, moratorium on missile launches and no nuclear tests. second, the american detableee, treat him properly and give him proper justice. third, expand the internet and expand cell phones. that is good for the north korean people. >> the have it come as too weeks after north korea launched a long-range locket to put a satellite in space. >> the most prominent church will perform same-sex marriage. officials at the washington national cathedral announce their church will be among the first episcopal congregations to host same-sex marriage saying "being faithful to the kind of community that jesus would have us be." the 100-year-old cathedral is a spiritual sell for celebrations
, the supreme court decision that legalized abortion 40 years ago today in the united states. hundreds are expected to attend the rally and walk starting at 11:30 in los altos and another at san francisco city hall. seven in ten americas believe roe vs. wade should stand. >> study this morning shows an alarming picture of high school graduation rates in california with a drop out rate of five percent in 2010, 405,000 students graduated, but 93,000 dropped out. our dropout rate was above the national rate of 4 percent post likely to leave senior year, more likely to be male. but they will have fewer opportunities as more jobs today require high level skills. >> there is new information how far the los angeles catholic archdiocese went to cover up deeds of the priests. a retired cardinal was disturbed about abuse allegations but delays taking action against the pedophile priests. in one case a priest was accused of molesting boys in the late 80's and not defrocked until 2004. >> a movie of the 2009 new year's day killing of oscar grant is earning rave reviews this week at the sundance fi
openly gay men elected to must be office in the united states when he won a seat on the board of supervisors in 1977. he was assassinated at city hall along with the mayor a year later. >> we will check the forecast. it is chilly. did the car thermometer say anything? >> i was too afraid to look. >> 35! >> 26! >> i had to scrape the ice. the air is dry so the frost is not so thick but it is out there. good morning, everyone. freeze warning, the areas shayed leader, north bay area and east bay valley, a hard free until 9:00 in morning and mid-20's so pets, plants and possibly pipes protected until 9:00. we have a frost advisory that continues for the bay shoreline until 9:00 for temperatures in the low 30's. the difference between yesterday and today the winds or lack thereafter, with the fattest wind at eight miles per hour. the stagnant air has cooled. we will modify the air mass very slowly with all this sunshine. upper 50's and near 60's on wednesday and thursday and by friday we will have frost less likely. have a good day. >> notwithstandings. the golden gate bridge comin
this is in no official capacity for google and the united states state department has objected to the not korean trip. >> "spare the air" day now and the fog we expected this morning did not materialize. >> your drive could be easier. we will check in with leigh. >> we have fog but it is moving around. live doppler 7 hd showing no moisture out there to speak of. but you can see it is another chilly morning with 37 in napa and santa rosa and san francisco is at 47. san jose is 42. we have 37 in livermore the visibility map showing this is moving around and the national weather service canceled the advisory for the north bay and east bay possibly too soon with quarter-mile visibility and half a mile and the north bay with independence pa and santa rosa less than half a mile and livermore reporting quarter mile. as we progress during lunch time hour temperatures will warm and we will have hazy sunshine and warming into the low 60's. by 4:00, a few more clouds move in overnight we will look for the clouds to thicken up and temperatures drop by the 7:00 hour. there is very dense fog and highway 4, between
here yesterday. high pressure is dominating the western half of the united states. notice the clouds streaming well up to the north and as these lows get close to the highs, they fall apart or follow the jetstream up to the north. that is why we'll have a dry pattern. you can get close enough, showers will be offshore and that is where they will stay. 60 on friday and slightly cooler on saturday and sunday. once that storm system passes. 60 for the highs. >>> we're looking at live shot behind me hayward. breaking news with the water main break. you can see it bubbling upright mere. this is intersection of jackson and santa clara. that intersection has been cordoned off. here is the freeway exit from eastbound 92. one lane is getting by the right lane is blocked off. chp is there. you can see the 92 is getting by with no delays westbound. 880 northbound to winten. let me show you tro. here is 92 and 880 junction and this is just east where 92 turns into west jackson street. that intersection right there, that will be the best bet to continue on to winton or the 92 junction. and live s
will be warming with people and police, more officers than are usually at home games. there will be units on dirt bikes and motor patrol. >> and we will also have our plainclothes officers out there and they will be wearing, yes, both the green bay packer jerseys and also the 49 jerseys as well. >> with the new year came a new state law requiring all major league sports stadiums to post phone numbers fans can use to call securities. something candlestick has been doing for a while. >> if someone is acting unruly, they can text us anonymously and that will be posted throughout candlestick. >> hopefully the game will be a good time for all. so far packers fans have had positive things to say about san francisco. >> fun city to be in. i'm having a blast. >> these friends flew in from alberta. that's canada, eh. finally a fan from wisconsin. but he lived in bakersfield. most of the cheering will be from 49ers fans. like this couple from iowa. it's their first time here but it won't be their last. >> i have new season tickets for 40 years. >> you do not live here. >> right. we will travel out for ever
report is out. it came out exactly as economists predicted. 155,000 jobs added in the united states during the month of december, according to the labor department. economists expected 153,000 so they were on the mark with that. the unemployment rate ticked a bit higher to 7.8 percent from 7.7 percent. retailer online in the spotlight with holiday spending only jumping 14 percent in 2012 the fiscal cliff worries weighed on consumers. trading shows a slight pull back yesterday after huge gains wednesday following the cliff cliff deal. speaking of employment, are you looking for a job with less stress? how about a university professor? or medical records technician? those are among the least stressful jobs. the most stressful included military personally and public regulations executives. more hints that taco flavor is on the way with taco bell showing a tock -- a taco ad saying "anything can happen." the new york stock exchange for the bloomberg business report. >> always anticipated consumer electronics show in las vegas is monday and two companies promise a look at the self-driving
and thousands of people sought medical treatment. chevron expects the damaged unit to be back on line in the next few months >> new this morning a woman in the sierra foothills east of sacramento is desperately trying to save a deer that got stuck in a bashed wire fence. melanie discovered a big buck with its antlers stuck in a blue tarp on her ten acre property. she made calls to try to get help for the animals but no agency has agreed to come. sheriff's deputies say they aren't prepared to rescue an animal that large so they could only put it down. >> we don't want it destroyed, we want him rescued. he's beautiful trophy buck. i'm going to cull in eldorado. >> she said the buck has a mate and that they have produced several fan over the years. she's hoping someone will step up and save its life but so far no agency has been willing to do it. >>> bay area native americans who belong to the cherokee nation have a chance to morning to get a new photo i.d. card. starting in october the nation's largest tribe started issuing citizenship cards for their members from coast-to-coast. today
. >> our special victim unit is investigating the case. michael crabtree has been interviewed with his lawyer and is very cooperative regarding the investigation. >> police are still putting together details in this investigation and are yet to determine if they will hand the case over to the district attorney. for fans who are gearing up for a sunday showdown in atlanta, this allegation is surprising. >> obviously it's news to me at this point. it's a bit of a shock. >> i don't understand why these guys who have it so good and are such big in the news right now, why they would do something or he would do something that could potentially hurt not only himself and his family, but the team. >> as a fan i'm going to back him up until it comes through. but right now it's unproved. >> we made efforts to contact michael crabtree and his representatives but so far our e-mails and phone calls have not been returned. >> the 49ers take on atlanta tomorrow and here the surf competition is on which means a high surf advisory is in effect. abc news reporter allen wong tells bus the warning for anyo
in by u.s. supreme court justice sonya sotomyer. he begins his second term as vice president of the united states. we are now going to go to sports. this afternoon the san jose sharks finally open their season in calgary now that the lockout is over. the puck drops at three. but as you know, all eyes are going to be on atlanta as the 49ers try to advance to super bowl 47 in new orleans. they need a win today over the falcons. here's collin resch with a look at the team's preparations before today's game. >> no more talk, no more practice, it's game time. who wants it more? who can execute better? who can win the turnover battle. the 49ers and falcons are ready for the nfc championship game. winner, on to new orleans and super bowl. the niners enter today's game as four point favorites. coaches and players alike with one thought, don't leave the georgia dome feeling like they did after last year's title game. >> our focus is on getting our guys the nfc championship. all the guys, that's where our focus lies on watching those guys hoist up that trophy. there's a lot of work that goes into th
explains what we need to know about the virus. >> it is spreading like wildfire around the united states although it started in australia. comes on quickly. most people do well, but the very young and the elderly, you worry about dehydration. >> unlike the flu, you can catch this virus from food. there will be more on this highly con tamous stomach bug on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> students with disabilities can play for school athletic teams if the school makes reasonable motions to accommodate them. the education department today is saying disabled students must be given a shot to play on traditional teams or have their own league. this order could bring sweeping changes to school budgets and locker rooms for years to come. >> are you feeling depressed or anxious? try yoga. a report shows older people suffering mild depression report add decrease in stirp somes after yoga practice and there is evidence it could help with schizophrenia and adhd. >> authorities say more research needs to be done. >> happening now, a san francisco legend is celebrating a very big birthday today, m
into space and the united states is concerned iran could use the space program to veteran long-range nuclear missiles. >> families face the task of identifying loved ones after 250 people died when a fire broke out in a brazil nightclub, toxic smoke filled the nightclub in the southern brazilian city yesterday morning. party growers grabbed axs to reach people that were trapped. it could have begun when the band lit flares. a doctor believes that most victims died from inhaling toxic fumes. >> a couple is recovering after dramatic rescue from a plane crash were afternoon in the hudson river in new york. the couple was on a site seeing trip when the vehicle crashed. the couple was able to get out of the airplane before it sank. they were rescued in 30 minutes. both are hospitalized now in stable condition. >> a change is coming to the broadway tunnel in san francisco. the city plans to replace the tunnel's 60-year-old ventilation system to feature a digital carbon monoxide monitor. the monitor will cost $1 million. the fans in the tunnel are so old that the spare parts to fix them no longer e
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